Travel Tips

Book Early for Cheap Flights

Flights are always the first thing you should book when planning a trip — sometimes do this early or do it in advance! For the most part, the earlier you book, the better price you will get. Airfare rarely goes down in price unless there is a sale (or an airline pricing error).

Try to search for cheap flights, their hundreds of sites with the best fare and includes both standard and budget airlines. The calendar (or “map”) feature shows the cheapest days to fly in your preferred month of travel!

Ask The Locals

When you’re in Uganda try always to ask the locals to point you and direct you  to the best restaurants, awesome spots to watch the sunset, the best coffee shops, etc. You would also do like to tell people what type of food you’re craving to have.

Beware of Free Public WIFI

I always try to avoid logging into bank accounts or entering any passwords while using free public WIFI at a place like an airport. Try to be more strict on your security issue we advise you to use hotel WIFIs, especially if they have a password for their wifi.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plans

This is a great habit to get into if you don’t want your credit card company or bank to put a hold on your card while you are overseas.

Separate Your Sources of Money

Don’t keep all of your cash and cards in one spot. usually hide some cash and a back up credit/bank card in a separate bag — not the same bag as nor  wallet.

 Separate Your Personal Items

When you travel together, mix your personal items into each checked bag. That way if one of your bags gets lost, you both still have some clothing and personal items.

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