Uganda Telecommunication company limited (UTL)

Following the Ugandan Parliament’s passage of the Communications Act in 1997, the Ugandan parastatal Uganda Posts and Telecommunications Company Limited (UPTCL) was divided into four entities:




  • Uganda Communications Commission – the communications industry regulator
  • Uganda Post Limited – also known as Posta Uganda
  • PostBank Uganda – a government-owned financial institution
  • Uganda Telecom – an information technology and communication network company

In June 2000, UTL was privatized when the government divested 51 percent of its shares to Ucom, a consortium formed by Detecon of Germany, Telecel International of Switzerland, and Orascom Telecom Holding of Egypt. The Ugandan government retained 49 percent ownership in UTL


Uganda Telecom is Uganda’s first Telecommunication operator. UTL was the first company to own a Full Telecommunications Operator license, having evolved from the earlier East African Post & Telecom Corporation in the 1970’s, and the Uganda Post and Telecom Corporation in the 1980’s and 1990’s. UTL was incorporated in 1998 as a Public Limited Liability Company and has since embarked on an unrivalled evolution.

Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) is Uganda’s national fixed line, mobile and Internet provider. In 2007 LAP GreenN acquired 69% of its shares, and the Government of Uganda holds the remaining 31% of shares.

Uganda Telecom is Uganda’s leading telecommunications innovator with its missions to deliver the most innovative communication solutions in Uganda. Uganda Telecom provides voice and data communication solutions that include fixed telephony, mobile telephony, ISP and Data services.

UTL launched the Next Generation Network that delivers all voice, data and even video services over one network over IP.
Uganda Telecom has the largest fixed line network and is also the largest ISP in the country, it has the only 3G network in Uganda and offers video telephony, high speed internet, video and audio streaming, live television and MMS. Uganda Telecom also provides BlackBerry© services.

UTL is a leading total communications provider with a broad range of services in Uganda, including:

  • Fixed voice (copper, CDMA, fixed GSM)
  • Mobile voice and data
  • Dedicated circuits for data and internet (xDSL, FTTx, leased lines)
  • Broadband services (3G, WiMAX, xDSL, FTTx, CDMA, Wi-Fi)
  • Data centre services (hosting/housing/backup/failover)

In February 2009, UTL launched a unstructured supplementary service data-based mobile wallet service called “M-SENTE”, using software purchased from Redknee Solutions Inc., a Canadian information technology company. In September 2009, UTL became the first Ugandan provider to introduce the solar powered hand-held mobile phone, locally called “Kasana”. In July 2011, UTL estimated their own market share of the Ugandan telecommunication industry at about 10 percent.

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