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Do you love to entertain and educate? Do you jump at the opportunity to speak to strangers about subjects you’re knowledgeable about? Do you enjoy long walks in the city? If so, then our opening of tour guide is right up your alley. You will share your passion during several walking tours every day to show tourists exactly what this city has to offer. You may also provide private tours to smaller groups of people when requested, providing plenty of new experiences and opportunities to get to know different personalities. zuula Uganda is looking for a potential candidate to apply today for the tour guide job.


Being flexible and proactive.
Having good presentation skills,

Being enthusiastic and friendly.
Having good verbal communication skills Great public speaking skills.
Being able to interact with people from different backgrounds.
Having multiple language skills.
Being able to work with a team.
Having time management skills.
Being able to retain historical facts.
Having excellent knowledge about points of interest of specific cities.

Previous experience with some kind of performance-based art, Flexible schedule to work on weekends

Outgoing personality and Punctuality

Duties and responsibilities, This includes:

  • undertaking pre-holiday research
  • making arrangements for catering, accommodation, transport and excursions
  • inspecting hotel safety and cleanliness
  • offering sightseeing advice
  • organising and leading excursions
  • problem solving
  • translating and interpreting
  • preparing reports.

Qualifications and training required

A degree in tours and travel from a recognized institution or A diploma from a well recognized institution is mandatory

Working exprerience with the general public, or experience gained within the hotel, tourism or travel trades is an added advantage.

Potential candidate should be fit and healthy with lots of energy and confidence, be able to work effectively without supervision, possess a calm ‘customer focused’ manner, and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Foreign language skills are essential. Familiarity and knowledge of key holiday destinations, first aid skills and a driving license is also an added advantage.


Job Responsibilities

  • Describe points of interest around the city to the group and answer any questions, which requires learning a comprehensive history of each check point
  • Provide directions to visitors who would like to check out a specific area at a later date, and provide information related to lodging, food and other amenities
  • Monitor the behavior of the group, especially when young children are in it, and ensure everyone remains in compliance with the rules
  • Distribute materials to the group at the beginning of the tour, which includes audio headsets and brochures
  • Greet visitors as soon as they get on board the bus, and show people to their seats if necessary
  • Be willing to put own spin on tour points, such as making jokes and providing insightful commentary
  • Work with management to develop new tour routes based on sites visitors have expressed interest in
  • Maintain a positive, friendly demeanor at all times

“female candidates are encouraged to apply”

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