Zuula: What makes Entebbe different from other cities/town

Entebbe is a unique town in the way it was well planned, has a clam population, civil and cosmopolitan. The whole of the world is here. The weather is good. It is a cool place with fresh breeze and a silent town.

Political Journey: Entebbe for years has been the government seat. It started as the administrative seat for the colonial governors and up to date it hosts the State House. It was the first Capital City of Uganda. All government ministries where based here.

What defines Entebbe?

Entebbe remains a crucial town because it is the gateway to Uganda through the International Airport and the Lake Victoria. Tourism here is very pleasing and defines the town. Visitors and tourists enjoy the freshness of air, greenery, fresh water and the natural forests. Uganda Wildlife Education Center. The historical, cultural and religious sites define this town.


Commitment of the political leaders and the technical staff has enabled planned developments and enhance service delivery. Expenditure on staff allowances was reduced and this created capacity and availability of funds to improve refuse collection and dumping, vehicles repairs, fuel, pay people in waste management and secured skips. We respect resources and we don’t interfere.

This has helped Entebbe standout in the whole country and always becoming the best town in all aspects. We were voted best and cleanest town in Uganda, best in procurement. We have promoted BulungiBwansi and we are changing the mindset of our people on waste management and we have now gone to schools.

Development rolling plan:

We are tarmacking all roads to places of hospitality, alternative roads and installing solar street lights in town. We are fast tracking tourism in and focusing on having an empowered community through ICT, Cottage industry and use of the environment sustainably. We are envisage a town that has a lot of history has a big tax, base. Katabi and Manyago Housing Estate, which used to house Civil servants is to be developed with flats.


We have streamlined handling of finances which has enhanced accountability. We have followed the proper guidelines of finance management and we remit money to lower councils and villages in time.

Council has also renovated schools like St. Thereza, Lake Victoria PS, Namatte, Nakiwogo, Kigungu, Bugonga, Airforce and Kiwafu Muslim Primary Schools. Also renovated is the maternity ward for Kigungu and Katabi Health Center. Entebbe hospital is currently under renovation. Entebbe is one of the 14 municipalities benefiting from the World Bank funded program called Uganda Municipality Infrastructure Development (USMID) and the town’s performance in the program has been rated best.

Entebbe is also rated best local government in the implementation of NAADS program.


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