Zuula: Entertainment and Nightlife in Entebbe

Like any other place, entertainment is paramount. Revelers want to spend time out relaxing and dancing, and drinking away the work stress. For tourist, it real time to put aside home and happen.

There are a number of places to offer this and these are the places we navigated

Knight Riders

It is one of the greatest discotheques in Entebbe town. Situated on the Old Kampala road, the place is accessible and offers the best services. They have some of the best DJs in the country and spending time at Knight Riders is memorable. Notable about Knight Riders are the friendly staffs.




Locals and vacationers alike regard 4 Turkeys as the best party hub in the city. You will always find this place packed with party goers amid the cool lights and the hip music. There are times that the place is so full, you might see some people partying outside the club, and they don’t mind at all. The party events Bar. It is also one of the most popular clubs in Entebbe.


Mirembe Bar

Right next to the 4 Turkeys is the Mirembe Party goers will surely experience a great Entebbe nightlife, with a wild selection of bars and clubs in the city. Night entertainment in Entebbe, Uganda is always at its peak to please tourists and vacationers from all over the world.

Red Rooster

Another place to visit come night time is the Red Rooster. The Red Rooster is perfect for party – going sports enthusiasts. The place prides itself for the sports- themed interiors and 4 large flats screen that plays the hottest sports games. Patrons enjoy watching these games with cold mugs of beer in the midst of fellow sports fans.

Club X5

The chic glamour of club X5 is perfect for those who are in for classy entertainment. This 2- story super club features a pristine interior that will give you a serene yet energizing ambience.

So, if you are looking for the best place for your Entebbe nightlife, these are some of your options around that never fail to meet party standards.

Waterfront Club Entebbe’s best leisure and entertainment point

Fresh air, the cool breeze from the lake and singing birds greet you as one enters Front Water Club. It’s a different world and everything looks unique. Soft music plays which puts guests to either take a walk around or take a seat in one of the neat grass thatched huts used as bar area. From weddings and receptions, to boat cruise, bar and restaurant to live band is your package when you visit Front Water Club in Entebbe town.

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