Zuula: The oldest and famous historical Nakayima Tree in Uganda

The Nakayima Tree is a historical site in the kingdom of Buganda. This is one of the amazing tourism attractions within Mubende found in Buganda kingdom. Many tourists around the world as a whole have visited this oldest and strongest tree in Uganda. To the local people in Mubende, this tree is viewed to them as a source of blessing. They do perform rituals in the name of getting blessings from this place.  Most tour companies on their itineraries to   Kibale forest national park, they enroute or usually have a stopover at this site. It is strategically located in Mubende. The tree is found on Mubende hill which is approximately three (3) hour’s drive from Kampala. Kampala is Uganda’s capital city and is a rich heritage site that should not be missed by tourist or travelers on a Ugandan safari.

This tree is one of the oldest trees in Uganda. It is believed to have dated back during the days of the Chwezi era. At this site, it is where the Nakayima heritage site is where the Chwezi king called Ndahura was crowned. This has been regarded as a tourism attraction in this area and many tourists who love culture do come to this place for this purpose. In addition to this, the Chwezi fraternity or dynasty have got other historical sites called Bigo Bya Mugenyi and this pulls various travelers to come and view this site. Most researchers from all over the world have also visited this place with the aim of doing research. The old tree derives its beautiful name from the lineage of princesses and these used to belong to the royal family belonging to the Chwezi dynasty. It is a worship center where the traditionalists do come to pray whatever they want to be given to them. The tree has got a very   big and huge buttress roots which have been estimated to be over 650 years old. This has been tested during the research were carried out by researchers in 1986. The large tree roots from 18 rooms and of these, 4 of them are noted to have belonged to Ndahura.

Following the tradition of the Chwezi, before the coming of the Bachwezi, who migrated from Butti, they are believed to have settled at Mubende hill. After their settling there, he came with her two sons and these later became a dominant as a local leader and later turned the hill into a significant center which later attracted the interests on the Bachwezi and the residence of their leader called Ndahura. There was small pox which made the collapse of the Bachwezi rule. Well, what you need to know is that Ndahura’s memory had been defied good as small pox. Over the centuries, the Nakayima and the Muhima had always got great powers and was recognized across the borders of the Bunyoro- Kitara. Nakayima tree can be visited when you have rented a car. This means that you can drive a rented car from one the best car rental companies in Uganda.

In conclusion therefore, for researchers and tourists who wish to participate in cultural tourism, then this will become the right place for you to visit.  To top on your paramount within the country, you must not miss visiting Nakayima cultural site. For you to have good memories of this site, you will hav to  take  photographs of this tree. This will give you good memories when you go back to your respective country of origin or residence. On top of this, you can buy yourself a locally craft along the way which can also be taken back to your country of origin. These include locally made drums at Mpambire drum village.

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