Zuula: Masaka District in the Central Region of Uganda

Masaka District is found in the Central Region of Uganda. Its main town is Masaka, whose estimated population is 74,100.
The district is bordered by Bukomansimbi District to the north-west, Kalungu District to the north, Kalangala District to the east and south, Rakai District to the south-west, and Lwengo District to the west. The town of Masaka, where the district headquarters are located, is approximately 140 kilometres (87 mi), by road, south-west of Kampala on the highway to Mbarara. The coordinates of the district are 00 30S, 31 45E. The average altitude of the district is 1,115 metres (3,658 ft) above sea level.


The District is situated about 37 kms, away from the equator towards the south and lies between 00-25 south, and 340 East, having an average altitude of 1150m above sea level. Bukomansimbi boards the district in the south east, Kalungu in the north, Rakai and Lwengo in the west and south, and Kalangala District in the east. Masaka District Local Government Rolled Development Plan 2010/2011 – 2014/2015

The total geographical area of the district Masaka is about 1603.3sq km out of which 801.5sq km are open water, wetlands and marshlands, and 308.3 hectares are under cultivation. The total gazette forest estate is about 8905.6 hectares, constituting about 6.38% of the total land area of the district. Scattered natural forests are also found along lakeshores.
On mineral resources, no major geological studies have been out in the district to determine presence of minerals. However, there are indications about the abundant clay and sand that can be used for glass manufacturing. The major deposits are located on the shores of Lake Victoria like at Bukakata. Geological studies need to be carried out to assess the potentials. There are a number of stone queries and clay deposits that are used for providing construction materials. Efforts are being stepped up to have revenue mobilized and collected from these sources.

Masaka District was established in the 1900s, composed of the Buganda Kingdom’s former counties of Buddu, Kooki, Kabula, Mawogola, and Ssese Islands. Kooki and Kabula were peeled off to form Rakai District. Later, the northern part of Rakai District was removed to form Lyantonde District. The Ssese Islands were removed to form Kalangala District. In 1997, Mawogola County was split from Buddu and was named Sembabule District. Buddu remained as Masaka District. In 2010, Buddu itself was split into four districts, namely Masaka District, Bukomansimbi District, Kalungu District, and Lwengo District.

Administratively, the district council is the highest political authority. The council has 43 members headed by a district chairperson. The technical team at the district is subdivided into the following directories: 1. Education & Sports 2. Health & Environment 3. Works & Technical Services 4. Production & Marketing 5. Finance & Planning 6. Management Support Services 7. Gender & Community Services.

The 1991 national population census estimated the district population at 203,600. The 2002 census estimated the population at 228,200, with an annual population growth rate of 1.0 percent. In 2012, the population was estimated at 251,600. Ethnicity and Population

Demographic Characteristics: The total population of Masaka District is 228,170 according to 2002 census. The population is disaggregated as follows: 111,327 are males and 116,843 females. The population density basing on the 2002 census is 248 persons per sq km as compared to 224 in 1991. Masaka District has an average household size of 4.3. This reflects a stable fertility behaviour in the distrct for the last 20 years. The district populations grew by 1.7% in the last 11 years from 694,697 in 1991 (Sembabule district excluded) to 770,662 in 2002 (including Lwengo, Kalungu and Bukomansimbi district). The majority of the population were females as depicted by a sex ration of 95 males per 100 females. The population of the district is younger with children (below 18 years) constituting about 58% of the total district population. The youth constitute about 20% while the elderly (60 years and above) were 6%. The population is currently (2011) projected to be 249200 people. The District has a rich cultural heritage. It has also diversity in ethnicity. The majority of the people are Baganda (77%) followed by Banyankole (9%), Banyarwanda (8%) and the rest (6%) are small tribes. Most of the tribes practice Buganda cultures.

Geographical Characteristic: Masaka District is one of the oldest districts in Uganda. Originally, it consisted of Rakai, Kalangala, Sembabule, Kalungu, Bukomansimbi and Lwengo making it once the largest district in Uganda. Today Masaka has been reduced in size after Rakai, Kalangala, Sembabule, Kalungu, Bukomansimbi and Lwengo were elevated to the district status.

Topography: Masaka district has a total area of about 1603.3sq.kilometers of which land area is 803.5sq.Kilometers. The landscape and topography in general is rolling and undulating with vertical gully heads and valley bottom swamps including streams flowing to lakes and rivers. Most parts of the district are dotted with the hills.

The soil texture is varied from place to place ranging from red laterite, sandy loam and loam but is in general productive. Soils are generally Ferrallitic, characterized by red coloured sandy clay loams within the Municipality and yellowish sandy loams in the surrounding areas. Along the shores of Lake Victoria, soils are hydromorphic.

There is a huge amount of water flows through streams to lake and river every year more especially in rainy season.
Rainfall, temperature, Humidity and Winds. The Climate of Masaka District is tropical in nature, being modified by relief and nearness to Lake Victoria. The rainfall pattern is bimodal having two seasons with dry spells between July and August, and January to March. The months of March, April and May receive very heavy and well-distributed rains of up to 1,200mm. The second season occurs in the months of September to December. With the exception of a few years of declining trend in precipitation, the annual average rainfall received is between 1100mm – 1200mm with 100 – 110 rainy days. The average maximum temperature does not exceed 300 C and the minimum not below 100 C with almost equal length of day and night throughout the year. The humidity level is generally low throughout the district with the exception of lakeshore areas where it tends to rise.

Zuula: Schools in Masaka District

38 pre-schools in Masaka

Baker Nursery And Primary School
Bisanje Nursery School
Blessed Sacrament Nursery School
Bright Angels Nursery School
Christ The King Nursery School
Day Care Nursery And Primary School
Glorious Nursery Primary School
Glory of Christ Nursery school.
God’s Grace Namirembe Nursery Primary School
Good Time Nursery School
Kako Nursery School
Kalinaabiri Nursery and Primary School
Kamu Nursery School
Kamulegu Infant Nursery School
Kari N.T Nursery School
Kasanje Infant School(nursery P1-p2)
Kidda Nursery School
Kings Nursery &primary School
Kisoso Parents Nursery Primary School
Kkingo Parents Nursery And Primary School
Lady Bird Nursery And Primary School
Liberty Preparatory Nursery & Primary School
Lions Club Nursery School
Marah Nursery And Primary School
Maranatha Joy Nursery School
Molly & Paul Nursery School
Namakindu Nursery School
Namasenene Hill View Nursery And Primary School
Naserester Nursery School
Preparatory Nursery And Pri School
Rinar Junior Academy Nursery School
Saint Edward Nursery School
Saint Mary’s Nursery School
Saint Mary’s Nursery School
Top Care Islamic Nursery School
Uganda Martyrs Nursery And Primary School
Universal Kindergarten School
Winner Nursery School

156 primary schools in Masaka

Africa With Love Primary School
Agape Primary School
Ahamadiya Primary School
Airat Islamic Primary School
Allipa Bright Future Primary School
Aloysious Ngobia Primary School
Alpha -omega Primary School
Aunt Ruth Primary School
Aunt Sara Primary School
Bbuuliro Primary School
Bethel Learning Centre Primary School
Bigando Primary School
Bigga Primary School
Bishop Adrian’s Primary School
Bishop Ddungu Boarding Primary School
bispo dungu primary
Blessed Secrament Primary School
Brain Trust Primary School
Brainway Parent’s Primary School
Bright Africa Primary School
Bright Future Primary School
Bright Grammar Boarding Primary School
Bukoto Primary School
Bulayi Primary School
Bumu Junior Primary School
Buna Primary School
Butaaya Primary School
Butale Mixed Primary School
Buwunde Primary School
Buyaga Primary School
Corner Stone Nurs & Primary School
Emmanuel Community Primary School
Equator Primary School
Goodhope Primary School
Grace Primary School, Butale
Grane Junior Primary School
Green Valley Primary School Polling Station
Happy Centre Learning Primary School
Hillside Primary School
Hilltop Primary School
Jireh Primary
John King Primary School
Kabwami Roman Catholic Church Primary School
Kaganda Primary School
Kagganda Muslim Primary School
Kagganda Parish Primary School
Kamenyamiggo Bright Star Primary School
Kamugenyi Fellowship Primary School
Kamulegu Primary School
Kasaana Muslim Primary School
Kasaana Sda Primary School
Kasanje Public Primary School
Kaseeta Primary School
Kaswa Education Centre And Primary
Kaswa Parents Mixed Day Primary School
Kayuji Primary School
Kaziru Primary School
Kids Pride Primary School
Kijjabwemi Primary School
Kikonge Primary School
Kikungwe C.o.u Primary School
Kikungwe Moslem Primary School
Kimwanyi Primary School
Kinyerere Primary School
Kirimya Islamic Primary School
Kisaaka Christ The King Primary School
Kisoso Moslem Primary School
Kisoso Primary School
Kitambuza Primary School
Kitunga Church Of Uganda Primary School
Kitunga Moslem Primary School
Kiyimbwe Primary School
Kiyumba Primary School
Kiziba Primary School
Kkingo Primary School
Konoweka Primary School
KY Day and Boarding Primary School
Kyamula Primary School
Kyanamukaaka Parents Day & Boarding Primary School
Kyantale Primary School
Lwemode Primary School
Mary Landing Site Primary School
Masaka Primary School
Mastard Seed Primary School
Matanga Mixed Primary School
Mitimikalu Moslem Primary School
Mpugwe Good Hope Primary School
Mpugwe Shariat Islamic Primary School
Mugwanya Primary School
Mulema Primary Scholl
Nabulago Byayi Primary School
Nabulago Primary School
Nathan Mulira Memorial Primary School
Ndegeya Core Primary Teachers College
Ndegeya Primary School
Ndegeya Primary Teachers College
New Life Community Primary School
Noor Muslim Primary School
Nzizi Primary School
Sacred Heart Of Jesus Kyoko Primary School
Saint Agapto Day/boarding Primary School
Saint Aloysious Kabukolwa Primary School
Saint Andard Primary School
Saint Andrew Goloba Primary School
Saint Anthony Kyoja Primary School
Saint Anthony Primary School
Saint Bruno Primary School
Saint Charles Lwanga Kabende Primary School
Saint Charles Lwanga Primary School
Saint Clair Primary School
Saint Ella Maris Primary School
Saint Evicous Primary School
Saint Gregory Butende Primary School
Saint Henry’s Kiwaala Primary School
Saint Herman Primary School
Saint Hildergard Primary School
Saint Ignatius Misali Primary School
Saint Immaculate Primary School
Saint John Ssunga Primary School
Saint Jude Kamengo Primary School
Saint Jude Kikonda Primary School
Saint Kalemero Primary School
Saint Kizito Gayaza Muliva Primary School
Saint Kizito Kitanga Primary School
Saint Lawrence Primary School
Saint Louis Kabulasoke Primary School
Saint Lucia Juniour Day & Boading Primary School
Saint Lucia Mixed Day & Boarding Primary School
Saint Luke Bukakata Primary School
Saint Maria Goretti Mpugwe Primary School
Saint Mary’s Kasango Primary School
Saint Mary’s Katikamu Primary School
Saint Mathias Mulumba Luzinga Primary School
Saint Modesta Model Primary School
Saint Mugaga Kyesiiga Primary School
Saint Paul Kabanda Primary School
Saint Peters Primary School Kisenyi
Saint Sebastian Bujju Primary School
Saint Theresa Kitenga Primary School
Saint Theresa Primary School
Saint Vicent Kyamuyimbwa Primary School
Ssenya Primary School
St. Anthony Buggya Primary School
Stella Maris Primary School
Sunga Preparatory Primary School
Sunlight Kyowola Otudde Primary School
Takajjunge Modern Primary School
Takajjunge Mordern primary school
Uganda Martyrs Katwe Primary School
Uganda Martyrs’ Nzizi Primary School
Victorius Primary School
Victory Infant Primary School
Villa Road Primary School
White Angel Nur & Primary School
White Angel Primary School

41 secondary schools in Masaka

Alliance Secondary School
Archbishop Kiwanuka Secondary School Kitovu
Buddu Islamic Secondary School
Busula Memeorial College ( Secondary School)
Bwala Secondary School
Excel Senior Secondary School
Greenhill Secondary School
High Learning Institute Of Business Proffessionals
Hilson Secondary School
Isaac Newton Senior Secondary School
Jireh High School
Kaddugala Secondary School
Kako Secondary School
Kako Senior Secondary School
Kaswa High School
Kijjabwemi Secondary School
Kijjabwemu Senior Secondary School
Kikungwe Senior Secondary School
Kimmanya Secondary School
Kirinya High School (mixed Day And Boarding)
Masaka Academy Secondary School
Masaka Elgon Secondary School
Masaka High School
Masaka Senior Secondary School
Mawanda Girls Secondary School
Mivule Secondary School
Modern Secondary School
Molly & Paul Secondary School
Nyendo Mixed Secondary School
Prince Kalema Secondary School
Saint Anthony Secondary School
Saint Bruno Secondary School
Saint Edward Secondary School
Saint Francis’s High School
Saint George High Demonstration School
Saint Maurice Secondary School
Saint Mugaga Boarding Secondary School
Seeke secondary school
St. Clement secondary school.
St. Joseph Girls Secondary School
Timothy Secondary School


4 universities in Masaka

Kampala International University Masaka Regional Office
Kampala University Masaka Campas
Muteesa I Royal University
Uganda Martyrs University Masaka Branch

8 technical institutions in Masaka

Kevinite Vocational S. Sch Katikamu Campus
Kiiza Memorial Vocational Secondary School
Kirinya Vocational Secondary School
Masaka Exodus Vocational School
Saint Mary Judith Nip, Vocational & Secondary School
Saint Micheal Vocational Secondary School
St. Gerald Vocational Secondary School Nyendo

Zuula: Hospitals in masaka district

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