Zuula: Kabojja International School – Uganda

Kabojja International School is a private co-educational school offering a British curriculum IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and GCE (General Certificate of Education). It is both a Day and Barding School.

It draws students from East Africa and other neighboring countries in the great lakes Region. It also draws learners from the great Diaspora. The learners enjoy a quiet environment, an international reputation, and excellent studying facilities with professionalism in all programmes.
The resident learners are guaranted accommodation in a homely environment with all home amenities.

Kabojja International School is twenty minutes drive from the city center of the Ugandan capital – Kampala and an hour’s drive from Entebbe International Airport.
The school located in Buziga – Mulalamula Road in a quiet homely environment that makes every visitor wish to be a learner at this campus.
In this splendid location, our learners experience a safe, comfortable and empowering learning environment.

Why Study at Kabojja international school


In addition to having a cool study atmosphere, an international reputation, other facilities include; Quality meals (both African and English food); Modern resource center with fast internet; A good science laboratory; Affirmative class rooms of not more than 20 learners with quality instructors. Teachers use white boards, projectors and smart boards in delivering their lessons.

Boarding Houses

Resident learners are accommodated in exquisite boarding houses rather than traditional dormitories. Learners live a family life in boarding houses by working together under the supervision of boarding matrons and wardens who are teachers. We allow weekly boarding but learners from distant areas are housed fully.

Our pastrol team in boarding houses narture the learner to grow with a warm and supportive heart.


Child Welfare and Development

The Tutorial System
Each learner at Kabojja International School is entitled to a personal tutor who acts as a parent and a career advisor. Tutors check on the tutees daily and discuss as a family. Learners are expected to be candid and express their concerns, exchange ideas, breakdown social barriers between themselves and their teachers as they receive guidance.

Health Care

The school provides first hand medical care but strongly encourage parents to secure a health insurance scheme with an international recognized hospital. Incase of any medical examination beyond the schools’ capacity, the cost is transferred to the parent/guardian.


Non-resident learners are provided with transport to and from the school at a cost. For convenience, the learner has to fit into the route map allocated.

Spiritual Development

Kabojja International School welcomes learners of all religious beliefs and aims to develop each leaner’s understanding of a personal faith.

Contact us

Address: P.O.Box 24163,
Kampala Uganda
Email: info@kabojjainternational.com
Tel: +256 393110775
Tel: +256 393110772
Fax: +256 393110775

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