Post Bus Uganda

A Post bus is a public bus service that is operated as part of local mail delivery as a means of providing public transport in rural areas with lower levels of patronage where a normal bus service is uneconomic. Post Bus services are run by the postal delivery company and combine the functions of public transport and mail delivery/collection.

A standard passenger fare is payable to the driverosta Uganda is the most extensive provider of postal services in Uganda, having an extensive network of postal delivery outlets down to sub-country level. Mail is delivered to over 70,000 post boxes all over the country, and through their 300 post offices they offer a host of auxiliary services.

These include letter and parcel conveyance, an express courier service, local and international money transfers, internet services, philately for collectors, affordable public transport by the Post Bus, distribution of newspapers, magazines as well as being an agent for telecommunications providers.

P.O Box 7106, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256-414-255511/5, 256-414-340915/9

Fax: 256-414-346450


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