The Do’s; and Dont’s at Entebbe International Airport


When you arrive at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, Walk inside where you will go through customs, you will need to fill out a card for a visa.  This could take 30-40 minutes or so depending on the number of passengers on your arriving flight.  The visa will cost you 50 US dollars.

Have your passport out this is where they will put the stamp for your visa.  After you get your visa stamp on your passport, go pickup your luggage just like any normal airport.  Proceed out the doors, do not go through the security unless you have to.  If they ask you why you are there try to explain yourself and save time.

Do you have an airport ride, need of it or somebody has come for you?

Try to arrange your ride from the airport before you even arrive. For a good driver the ride from Entebbe airport to Kampala will take 40 minutes to an hour and that is when the traffic is good, especially on weekend afternoon or early morning, however, it might take up 1½ or 2hrs but night time might be less. Before coming confirm your airport pick up arrangements, or contact your travel agent to help you not to be overcharged
you can convert your money at the Airport in case you need a UGX for some payments. However, good places to get money converted are the malls.  In Entebbe you can go to Victoria Mall, Imperial Mall and a 4 Turkies in Entebbe town and it works 24hrs; while in Kampala you can go to Garden City, Grand Imperial and the Nakumatt Oasis mall.  You can also try Kampala road at King Fahard building for easy exchange although all banks in Uganda has the same service you may need, though  Banks’ conversion rates are still unfavorable, its always better you do it in any of the forex bureaus at mall. The larger bills convert for a higher exchange rate.  Also, the dates on the bills make a difference.  They want newer bills.  Do not convert money at the airport unless you have to


If your ride from Entebbe Airport to Kampala is set for day time, you will see police and traffic officers almost after every two kilometers.
Caution: one more little tip that may help some people out; do not take pictures of any type of government agency or official and or government buildings including police officers.  This could get you in trouble.

Departing From Entebbe Airport

Make arrangements to be back at the airport at least two hours before your check in time more especially when you’re using road transport.  When you arrive at the airport you may or may not have to get out of the vehicle and walk through security, the driver will stay in the car.Reaching the general car parking just offload your laggeges, go at departure for check in and weighing of your laggegeswipe a tear from your eye and get on the plane!!




(Dos’ and Don’ts) 

Airport and Airline Security
Passengers are requested to help make Entebbe Airport a safer place by observing the following important security requirements:

  • Never to leave baggage unattended
  • Not to look after or check-in baggage for somebody else
  • Not to carry anything onto an aircraft for somebody else
  • Not give wrapped presents as they may be unwrapped by security
  • Keeping electronic and electrical goods to a minimum
  • Carrying only one piece of hand luggage whenever possible.


Travellers need valid travel documents to enter Uganda. On arrival, passengers are required to fill a disembarkation card for immigration clearance. Some airlines provide the cards on board before landing. Arriving passengers are facilitated at separate Immigration Desks.

East Africans / COMESA countries desk.
Residents desk
Travellers from other countries desk.

Visa Requirements:
Nationals of the following countries do not need Visas to enter Uganda: All COMESA countries except Ethiopia and South Africa.
The others are, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Botswana, Cyprus, Fiji, Gambia, Grenada, Hongkong, Ireland, Jamaica, Malaysia, Lesotho, Malta, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Vatican, Ghana, Vanuatu and Libya. Nationals of other countries need a Visa which can be obtained from the Immigration office on arrival.

Any other exemption as may be specified on arrival

  1. Every intending visitor is required to carry a genuine passport/travel document with validity beyond one year.
    5. All arriving visitors will be required to fill in arrival declaration cards on arrival and should comply with other immigration formalities including the provision of required biometric information.        Arrival/ departure declaration cards are available at the arrival lounge.
    6. Immigration authorities at the port of arrival reserve the right of admission.
    7. A visitor’s pass for a specific duration will be granted by the Immigration authorities on arrival to permit the holder’s stay in the country for the period granted in the pass. .
    8. Arriving visitors should not carry or convey substances or goods prohibited by customs. (Contact Uganda Revenue Authority for details on prohibited   substances)
    9 Visitors should not overstay their visitors pass otherwise they will be subjected to a fine of U$ 30 per day and other appropriate legal action including prosecution and deportation.
    10. Engagement in employment on basis of visitors pass is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted.
    11. Where visitors seek to stay longer than the period granted in the visitor’s pass on arrival, extension of the period should be sought from the Immigration Headquarters in Kampala or respective regional offices before expiry of the initial visitor’s pass.  Save for EAC nationals, extensions  sought by other foreign nationals shall not exceed six months in aggregate

Requirements for extension of visitor’s pass
Fill extension of visitor’s pass form
Attach Covering letter from applicant or host if applicable
Attach immigration status of host (if applicable)s
Attach Copy of confirmed return air- ticket
Attach Copy of passport/travel document
Provide Original passport for endorsement of facility
All foreign nationals entering and residing in Uganda must comply with immigration legislation and other national laws of the country during their stay in Uganda.

For More Information Visit The Directorate of CitizenandImmigrationControl, Minstry of Internal Affairs


Uganda Government introduced an online visa application system that is operational sinceJuly 2016, phasing out the old system.

In statement issued by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), persons intending to come to Uganda on holiday, business, study, visit and medical are required to apply and obtain the visa online.

The applications should be filled online at

The decision taken on the application would then be sent electronically through the email provided by the applicant.

If the applicant is approved, an approval letter would be sent as an attachment to the email provided. “Print it out and present it together with a valid passport /travel document at the port of entry,” the statement reads in part.

The types of visa that applicants seek for include, Multiple-Entry, Diplomatic and Official, Ordinary and East Africa Tourist Visa (multiple entry valid for 90 days to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) Transit



Visa Charges is US$ 50 for single entry into the country of Uganda


Currency Import regulations:

Foreign currencies: unlimited, provided declared on arrival. Prohibited: local currency (Uganda Shilling-UGX).

Currency Export regulations:

Foreign currencies: up to the amount imported and declared on arrival. Prohibited: local currency (Uganda Shilling-UGX).

Customs and Excise
On arrival, there are two clearly marked RED or GREEN channels for customs clearance. Please use the appropriate channel.

Red Channel

If you have goods to declare or in doubt. Declare all items for resale and all personal effects above a value of US$ 500
If you have controlled items e.g. plants, plant parts or animals etc
If you have restricted items e.g. toy pistols, pornographic material etc

Green Channel
If the value of your imported goods for personal use does not exceed US $500·
If you do not have controlled or restricted items to declare.

Duty Free Concessions
Travellers are entitled to the following duty free concessions if they are at least 18 years old or have been out of the country for over 24 hours.

Type                                       Amount

Wine                                        1 litre

Perfume                                   ½ litre

Cigarettes, cigars etc               250 gms

Spirits and liquors                   1 litre

Personal effects up to a value of max.USD 500.-.
Prohibited: importing (including transit) of domestic and wild birds and their products from countries affected by bird flu.

Note: importers must obtain a Sanitary Import Permit from the Director of Veterinary Services if bringing these birds or their products. Meat and meat products or any product from domestic or wild poultry, must be declared and destroyed.

Prohibited Items
Drugs such as cocaine, cannabis and heroin are not allowed into the country. Possession of such items is an offence and may lead to prosecution. There are items like explosives which are prohibited. Consult the airline for guidance.

Import Duty Uganda Revenue Authority imposes import duty on taxable goods going through the Red Channel or the cargo terminal. For further details contact the Manager Customs on Tel. 0417-443623 or Uganda Revenue Authority web site

Export regulations:

Free export of a reasonable quantity of tobacco and/or tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and perfume is allowed. A special permit for game trophies is required.

Pets at airport:

Cats and dogs must be accompanied by a veterinarian good health certificate issued at the point of origin not earlier than 6 days before arrival in Uganda.

Airport Embarkation Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarking at the airport.

Visa fees
Single entry: U$ 50 per individual
Multiple entry visa 6-12 months U$ 100
Multiple entry visa 24 months U$ 150
Multiple entry visa 36 months U$ 200

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