Lifetime Experience Safaris

Lifetime Experience Safaris

When it comes to Safari Travel, we know you have lot of chaoices.

A Safari in Uganda is for most the trip of a lifetime. Uganda is a country of contrasts, with a small slice of everything Africa has to offer,…. from the snow-capped Mountains of the Moon to the tranquil beauty of the Kazinga Channel… from the mighty force of the Murchison Falls to the stunning stillness of Lake Bunyonyi, high in the ‘Little Switzerland of Africa’… rainforest to savannah, mountain to lakeside… Waiting to welcome you… this is the real heart of Africa… bathed in sunshine astride the equator… peaceful, friendly and vibrant. Uganda is not just Mountain Gorillas... Discover Uganda safaris »


Uganda Mountain Gorilla Tracking – All the information You need!

An awesome experience that should be included in any trip to Uganda. Visiting these gentle giants, watching them in their natural habitat is truly unique experience. The guides, porters and guards are all very knowledgeable and super friendly. If you haven’t been to see the Mountain gorillas you should come! This is just amazing! Climbing the hills in the rainforest and finally see the gorilla family. The big silverback, mom’s and babies and youngsters. Simply amazing!!.Discover Uganda Mountain gorilla safaris here »

Lifetime Uganda Cultural Experiences

Great Cultural Places to Visit…. The performances are just fantastic! Uganda is not just the amazing game, beautiful lakes and the hikes, the people, their dances, music and all the entertainment can be a highlight of your trip. If you are looking for some great family outing and cultural experiences, we bring a whole list of options….these are some of the places you should think about. If you have a chance/time on your Uganda trip itinerary, there are place you must visit. Discover the African cultural experience here»

Uganda Birding Safaris

Over 1030 different kinds of Birds waiting to be discovered by you. Uganda the Pearl of Africa is filled with scenic wonders, abundance of wildlife, Africa’s friendliest people and enriched with over 1030 species of birds.  The perfect destination for the birding enthusiast.  25% of Uganda is covered by lakes making it for the perfect place to sight water birds. Various rain forests bring with it different variety,… read more »

Uganda Fishing Safaris

We run fishing trips on Lake Victoria and the Nile river in Murchison Falls National Park. Nile perch weighing between 10-80kg (23-177 Ibs), the world’s largest fresh water game fish, are the main catch. It is mainly by cast lures. All the necessary fishing tackle for the Nile perch trolling on the lake is provided but anglers are free to bring their own equipment. Trips can be for the day, no previous experience required,….more »

Mountain Hiking Safaris Uganda

Mountains and Mountains and lots more mountains, snow covered peaks, glaciers on the equator. Uganda is a unique safari destination to hikers  interested in climbing and trekking over small hills, medium sized and high mountains.
Go here to take a look and write to us regarding the fabulous mountain experience in the heart of Africa.

Africa-Uganda Adventure Holiday Safaris

Adventure picExperience the African Mountain Climbing Safaris, Volcano Hiking Climbing, Nile River White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping into the Nile River, ATV Quad-Biking through the Savanna, Hiking through the Kibale Rainforest Junge, these and much more in your Uganda adventure safari…find out here »

Bicycle and Car Combined Safari Tours

Uganda+Cycling+SafariMost visitors to Uganda see Uganda by sitting in a vehicle and traversing the Pearl of Africa countryside – some go on walking safaris from tracking the Mountain Gorillas to Chimpanzee Tracking and Birding and Nature Walks between. You can take village walks in small hamlet which opens a whole other world of Authentic Africa in Uganda. Learn more about Uganda biking & car safari tours here »
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