Entebbe International Airport


Entebbe International Airport is the main air entrance to Uganda from various international destinations; it is the first destination for travelers coming to Uganda and getting out of Uganda to and from the capital city, Kampala and other areas of Uganda.

The first sight one get when you are landing is the view of the Lake Victoria blue waters and its greenish vegetation, so high profile people like Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, George Bush and many others have witnessed this stunning view.

Entebbe International Airport is the main gateway to Kampala and the rest of Uganda.the Position of the airport is 00°02´33″N, 032°26´37″E, Elevation 1 153m (3 782ft), 24 hours.

The airport is located near the town of Entebbe which is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. In addition to that, Entebbe airport is located at a distance of 35 kmsSouth West of Kampala City and the airport lies astride the equator. It borders Africa’s biggest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria. The coordinates of the airport are 0° 2′ 41.00″N, 32° 26′ 35.00″E (Latitude: 0.044721; 32.443055

The airport consists of two terminals which handle domestic and international flights respectively. Therefore, Entebbe airport offers a range of passenger services like commuter taxi service to Kampala, outlets of car rental agencies, baggage facilities and lost and found and left luggage facilities, airline lounges and a lounge called Karibuni which is accessible to economy class passengers on the payment of a $15 fee, disabled passenger assistance, a post office and several WiFi hot spots which are provided and maintained by Uganda Telecom.

Useful numbers for Entebbe Airport

Civil Aviation Authority                     Flight information

Tel: +256 (0)312 352 000                   Tel: +256(0) 0414 320 926

Customs: +256(0)414 353359            Police

Entebbe International airport              Tel: +256(0)414 321 901

Tel: +256(0)414353000

Entebbe airport information desk

Tel:+256(0) 414353000 Ext 3323/ 3233


Air transport is of strategic importance to the Uganda as it guarantees an alternative gateway to the rest of the world. It provides the most efficient and quickest transport means to and from Uganda. The country’s perishable high value commodities are also exported by air. The development of a safe, efficient and reliable air transport industry is thus among government’s priority programs.

The airport is managed by an autonomous Civil Aviation Authority formed in 1991 with a mandate to promote the development of a safe, regular, secure and efficient air transport industry in Uganda.

The current airport is a bit constrained because of its limited capacity in terms of airport infrastructure. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has already acquired land to embark on the expansion program of Entebbe International Airport. The expansion will include the construction of a modern cargo Centre to decongest the airport.

In February 2015, the government of South Korea, through the Korea International Cooperation Agency, gave the government of Uganda (GOU) a grant of UGX:27 Billion towards modernization of the airport In the same month, the GOU began a three phase upgrade and expansion of the airport to last from 2015 until 2035. The entire renovation budget is approximately US$586 Million

Expansion of departure and arrival lounges

In April 2016, Minister of Works John Byabagambi  launched a UGX:42.6 billion project to expand the departure and arrival lounges. The work will be carried out by Seyani Brothers Limited and will be fully funded by the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda. Construction is scheduled to commence on 1 June 2016 with completion expected in December 2017. This work is separate from the large expansion partially funded by the government of South Korea and

CAA is also working out a national aviation master plan with International Civil Aviation Organisation to rework the entire airport, a move that will give proper estimates of the funds needed.

The last upgrade of the airport was done in 2007 during the preparations for Commonwealth Heads of state and Government Meeting(CHOGM). The expansion at the time included the VIP lounge and construction of watchtowers among other things.

except for its control tower and airport hall. According to a 2006 published report, plans were made to construct a domestic passenger terminal at the site of the old airport The Old Entebbe airport is now used by Uganda’s military forces. It was the scene of a hostage rescue operation by Israeli Sayeret Matkal  dubbed Operation Entebbe, in 1976

Ground handling

As of February 2014, there were two ground-handling companies serving this airport:

History Incidents

In 1976, Air France Flight 139 from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked and taken to Entebbe, and Israeli commandos rescued the hostages in Operation Entebbe.

On 9 March 2009, AeroliftIlyushin Il-76 S9-SAB crashed into Lake Victoria just after takeoff from Entebbe airport, killing all 11 people on board. Two of the engines had caught fire on take-off. The aircraft had been chartered by Dynacorp on behalf of the African Union Mission to Somalia. The accident was investigated by Uganda’s Ministry of Transport, which concluded that all four engines were time-expired and that Aerolift’s claim that maintenance had been performed to extend their service life or that the work had been certified could not be substantiated.



Passenger facilities include a left-luggage office, banks, automated teller machines (ATM Banking), foreign exchange Bureaux, Restaurants, and duty-free

The old terminal building of the Entebbe International Airport as seen from the air

Aerial photo of the city of Entebbe and the Entebbe International Airport at sunset

Remains of 1976 raid

Close up of the control tower

old terminal building as seen from the front








Airlines and destinations


Air Uganda Bombardier CRJ-200ER parked next to Emirates Airbus A340-500 at Entebbe Airport.

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800

The United Nations Ilyushin Il-76 parked at Entebbe Airport.

South African Airways Airbus A319 taxiing at Entebbe Airport.

Uganda Airlines Boeing 707 parked at Entebbe Airport.


Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 747-400 landing at Entebbe Airport.



Iran Air Boeing 707 parked at Entebbe Airport.



Brussels airlines


Egypt air



Dubai International

Eagle air

Arua, yei, Apoka, Inshasha, Kasese, Kisoro, mweya, Pakuba, Soroti

Ethiopian airlines

Addis Ababa


Dubai International


Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta international

Jambo jet

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya Airways




Rwanda air

Juba, Kigali, Nairobi

Turkish Airlines


Qatar airways


United airlines

Gulu, Moyo, Adjuman, Arua, Nebi


However some international Airlines like KLM a nonstop flights, someKLM’s inbound flights from Amsterdam to Entebbe make a stop in Kigali , Brussels Airlines’ from Brussels inbound flights from Brussels to Entebbe make a stop in Kigali,  Turkish Airlinesinbound flights from Istanbul to Entebbe make a stop in Kigali. However, the airline does not have traffic rights to transport passengers solely between Kigali and Entebbe.


AIRLINES                                       DESTINATIONS

UN Humanitarian Air Service                       Goma, Juba,

Kisangan,Bunia, Lubumbashi

Astral Aviation                                                   Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta

BidAir Cargo                                                       Johannesburg or Tambo

Emirates Sky Cargo                                          Dubai-AlMaktoum

EgyptAir Cargo                                                  Cairo, Sharjah

Etihad Cargo                                                       Abu Dhabi

Ethiopian Airlines                                             Addis Ababa

Qatar Airways Cargo                                       Brussels, Kigali, Doha

Martinair                                                             Amsterdam

South African Airways Cargo                       Nairobi, Kenyatta, Johannesburg

Uganda Air Cargo                                             Dubai – International, Frankfurt

Johannesburg or Tambo

Turkish Airlines Cargo                                     Istanbul, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta

Chapman Freeborn                                         Johannesburg,






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