4 Day Kidepo Valley National-Park

4 Days Uganda tour at Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park located in the North Eastern Uganda in the extreme corner at the Uganda-Sudan and Kenya boarders. Kidepo has tour activities and attractions that include game drives, cultural visits to kraals and Karimajong homes called the Manyatas, panoramic viewing of the smoothly sloping moreover savannah grasslands and nature walks among the many. The park is made up of the rolling savannah grassland and rugged superlative mountain landscape. Going to the park can be by road or by Air from Entebbe or Kampala. Kidepo is among the wildest, original African parks in Africa, giving an amazing experience of nature and game viewing.kidepo – Klipspringer

Day 1: Departure to Kidepo Valley National Park

By Air:

From Kampala/Kajjansi, take a chartered light aircraft to Kidepo Valley’s Apoka Lodge. After lunch, enjoy panoramic views of the Narus River Valley and photographable opportunities of the wildlife from the verandah of the lodge. An evening game drive along the Narus River Valley where you will view Elephants, herds of Buffaloes, Jackals, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Klipspringer and Lions plus many other mammals.

By Road:

On the other hand, tourist by road from Kampala can use Kampala-Jinja-Mbale-Soroti-Moroto-Kidepo-792 km, Kampala-Masindi-Lira-Kotido-Kidepo-705 km, Kampala-Jinja-Mbale-Sironko-Kotido-Kideop-740 km and Kampala-Soroti -Kotido via Amuria 656 km. Driving is more rewarding as vast parts of Karamoja are attractive and entirely wilderness. The trip usually takes12 hours in which 4Wheel Drive vehicles are most appropriate. Dinner and overnight at Apoka Lodge.

Day 2: Game Drive

Enjoy breakfast and go for a daybreak game drive to Kanangorok hot spring. A number of animals can be seen wandering around as well as birds like the Ostriches. Get back to the lodge for lunch and use the afternoon for a cultural experience that will get you in touch with the Karimajong people at Karenna and Kapedo. mix together and have a chat with the local elders and they will show you their animal kraals, the grinding stones and many more good items. Go back to the lodge for dinner and overnight. Full board accommodation at Apoka Lodge.

Day 3: Game Drive

Also enjoy wildlife and African landscape in Kidepo Valley National Park. Retire to Apoka Lodge for a full board accommodation.

Day 4: Birding, Nature Walk and Departure to Kampala.

After breakfast visit the bird hide and have a guided nature walk. Return to the lodge for lunch. After lunch board your chartered flight back to Entebbe where you will be picked to Kampala in the evening. With road, you can have an overnight at the Apoka Lodge or drive to Mbale town for overnight and dinner and continue to Kampala the next morning.

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